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Kiwi sees Melissa - 1830.png


Kiwi was a really good student for much of his life, until he got to college (where he majored in Engineering, as he's always liked to fix/build stuff).  He never really partied much in high school, so he let loose in college.  He also met the girl of his dreams, Debbie, but after a bad break-up, he started drinking and smoking pot more to console himself.  His grades weren't that great in college, and he ended up in a rut throughout most of his 20's.  He's always been smart enough to get by, but he's always regretted never living up to his potential.

Scooter throws Squat n Pot - 3500.png


Scooter's parents were extremely strict and they would lock up him upstairs in his room.  The only friend he had was his cat.  But his cat had a strange problem where it wasn't able to create enough saliva to clean itself.  So Scooter had to clean his cat by licking it, and inadvertently started eating some of its fur.  In time, Scooter saw licking his cat and other cats as nurturing, and it reminded him of the only time he was happy as a child.  During the same time, Scooter got good at throwing disc shaped objects into buckets (out of boredom), which is how he got so good at disc golf.

Bryce serious CU - 5111.png


Bryce has always been exceptional at most things, primarily at sports.  But that still doesn’t stop him from trying to win the approval of his overbearing father.  His father is a self-made millionaire, and he wants his son to be perfect, so nothing is ever good enough for his father.  Bryce took verbal and mental abuse from his father, and takes it out on others, constantly berating those he deems inferior to him. 

Melissa Glamour - 11934.png


Melissa is a successful graphic designer, and loves to do karaoke.  She’s also a bit of a tom-boy, growing up with 3 brothers.  She is athletic, but also loves to show of her girly side too. 

Joe big smile - 1326.png


Joe is Kiwi's best friend.  He has more confidence than Kiwi - or at least pretends to - and he's supportive of Kiwi.  He's an all-around nice guy, but he can also be sarcastic.

Tall Paul - Your hole is over there - 1142.png

Tall Paul

Tall Paul is very cocky, says degrading comments, and likes to talk smack.  Tall Paul gets his nickname from telling tall tales.  He loves being the center of attention, primarily by the things he says.

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